The discussion that went on while planning 'The Outsider'.

  • EDDY: Ok, so we've tortured the Evil Regals enough for a little while.
  • ADAM: We need someone else to torture.
  • ANDREW (Writer): How about Snow White and Prince Charming?
  • EDDY: Nah. They've been apart all season.
  • IAN (Writer): Well we haven't locked Belle up for 4 episodes now.
  • EDDY: I like where this is going.....
  • IAN: So how about we have Hook go after Belle so she locks herself in an elevator?
  • ADAM: Yes!!!
  • ANDREW: And for the flashback part, we can show Regina capturing Belle!
  • EDDY: Ok, I like it. But still, we aren't exactly torturing any of the fandom....
  • IAN: Lets just torture the Rumbelle shippers. We'll end the episode with Hook shooting Belle which will force her to cross the line, thus forgetting all her memories.
  • EDDY and ADAM: Perfect!!!!

I was just at a funeral. People came up to me & were like ‘I knew you when you were a baby’. I had no idea who they hell they were. I spent the rest of the time trying to figure out. It reminded me of when we were trying to figure out who Dr Whale was.

“We’re almost ready to set sail.”

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Who are you, Whale?

Well played, writers.


You’ve made the title of Dr. Whale’s episode as vague and mysterious as he is.